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Burns Turns

If Robbie Burns was to organize his own special parties the emphasis would always be on good old-fashioned fun and frolics.

Nowadays, however, Burns Nights across the country, traditionally part of every organization’s annual programme, have become just another date on the calendar with what was once poetry in motion coming more often to a grinding halt.

But now Britain’s most popular after dinner entertainer Les Peters can provide the complete service from the Toast to the Haggis to Auld Lang Syne, with the emphasis firmly back on absolute entertainment.

Burns Turns takes all the hassle away from the organizers, making the guaranteed success of the celebrations more ode than oh-dear.

The talents of laugh-a-minute Les will provide a welcome to your guests, the famous Selkirk Grace, the Toast to the Haggis, the Immortal Memory (the importance of Burns, past and present), and the Toast to the Lassies.

And a Piper and traditional singer can also be arranged, with advice provided on menu and other activities, many of which can be used to offset the cost of the evening.

We know a man called Mr Lang, he has a brand new sign

But Mr Lang is very old, so we’ll call it Auld Lang’s Syne

Burns Turns – for those not a-verse to having a good time

Leslie G Peters After Dinner Stints T: 01592 891444 or 890985 E: les@lespeters.com